The goal of this program is to showcase films rarely seen or not distributed in Toronto cinemas. Considering that fewer and fewer films are being released in theatres, Cinéfranco provides an essential platform to foster the appreciation of francophone films. Therefore, Cinéfranco gives the unique opportunity for francophone film lovers to experience the films on a big screen, and for filmmakers to meet their audiences. More info here.

BCBC is delighted to co-present:

La Bonne Épouse

November 22 -28, 2020 – Watch the trailer here

Comedy | 2020 | France, Belgium | French (English subtitles) | Unrated | 18 and over

Cast: Juliette BinocheYolande MoreauNoémie LvovskyEdouard BaerFrançois BerléandMarie Zabukovec

Maintaining a household and stoically submitting to conjugal duty are the skills Paulette Van Der Beck teaches with fervor in her home makers institute. Her certainties are shaken when she finds herself widowed and ruined. Is she rattled by the return of her first love or the wind of freedom in May 68? What if the good wife finally became a free woman? Book your film here