Olivier de Spiegeleir at the Alliance Française

Our partners from the Alliance Française are organizing a concert with a Famous Belgian pianist.
The 6th person who presents themselves coming from the BCBC will win a free ticket!

For 20 years, Belgium pianist Olivier de Spiegeleir has travelled the world performing his “commentated recitals”, an original and enjoyable formula. During this concert, the pianist will celebrate the centenary of Claude Debussy’s death. Known as “Claude of France”, the revolutionary musician’s “scandalous” and mysterious creative liberty embodied the musical revolution of the twentieth century.

Get your tickets here : https://www.alliance-francaise.ca/en/culture/concerts/debussy-concert-spiegeler-en

  •  Date: March 23 at 8:00 pm
  •  Location: Spadina Theatre


Click here for tickets: http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/worldstage/badke/


The title Badke is a play on the Arabic social folk dance “dabke.” The performance assembles a group of Palestinian dancers — diasporic artists, many of whom have trained outside of Palestine — to practice the traditional dance and infuse it with new proposals, vocabularies and ideas.

With this simple yet elegant structure, Badke expresses the universal desire to belong, and uses the language of dance in an urgent negotiation between the traditional and contemporary, the local and global. This work is a highly energetic, politically charged and stylistically diverse experience in which the artists incorporate movement from circus, capoeira and hip hop.

Canada’s November 2015 international trade, with focus on Belgium

Statistics Canada’s latest data shows that Canadian exports to Belgium, which amounted to $233 million in September and went down to $158 million in October, were down again in November to $139 million. Canadian imports from Belgium on the other hand, amounting to $267 million in September and to $213 million in October, remained at a low $212 million in November. As we can see, our bilateral trade has its ups and downs and it will be interesting to see how it will evolve in the coming months.

Overall Canadian exports increased 0.4% in November while imports were down                   0.7%, reducing Canada’s international trade deficit from $2.5 billion in October to $2 billion in November.

Total Canadian exports rose to $43.3 billion, led by motor vehicles and parts (+5.9%), metal ores and non-metallic minerals (+20.4%) and forestry products and building and packaging materials (+5.5%). These gains were partially offset by lower exports of energy products (-6.6%) and consumer goods (-4.5%). Total imports declined to $45.2 billion, the main declines being in electronic and electrical equipment (-2.9%), energy products (-6.4%) and consumer goods (-1%). These were moderated by a 2.5% increase in industrial machinery and equipment.

Geographically, Canadian exports to the U.S. rose 1.3% but imports were down 0.1%, increasing Canada’s trade surplus with the U.S. from $1.7 to $2.1 billion. Exports to other countries declined 2.2% and imports by 2.1%, reducing Canada’s trade deficit with countries other than the U.S. from $4.2 billion to $4.1 billion.

Canada’s main trading partner, the United States saw their November exports reach $182.2 billion (1% below October) and imports $224.6 billion (1.5% below October), lowering the U.S. international trade deficit from $44.6 billion to $42.4 billion. U.S. exports of industrial supplies and materials and consumer goods decreased the most, while capital and consumer goods led the decrease in imports.

Christian Sivière, Import Export Logistics Solutions, Montréal                                   Christian.siviere@videotron.ca   All Rights Reserved January 2016

Sources: Statistics Canada, U.S. Census Bureau

The Belgian Canadian Business Chamber Announces New Strategic Partnership with MTFX

The Belgian Canadian Business Chamber (BCBC), which fosters bilateral relationships between Belgium and Canada, has today announced a new strategic partnership with MTFX, one of the largest foreign exchange and payment solutions providers in Canada.

BCBC logo - marbleToronto, Ontario, Canada December 16, 2015 – The BCBC is pleased to announce a partnership with MTFX. The new partnership will enable the members of the BCBC to gain access to currency exchange and international payment processing capabilities at substantially lower costs than those offered by main street banks. The partnership will allow members access to MTFX’s web base platform, providing a single point of access for currency exchange and fast and efficient international payment services.

“The Belgian Canadian Business Chamber is always looking at ways to provide more benefits to our members and we are pleased to be able offer our community significant savings for fast, efficient international payment processing and currency exchange. In today’s economic reality of globalization – whether it be for large multinationals, SMEs or even individuals – these international transactions are taking place every day and will increase once CETA is finalized, particularly for SMEs who are the most likely to benefit from this historic accord. In our efforts to promote bilateral relations between Canada and Belgium, and taking this global economic reality into account, we are pleased to enter into this partnership with MTFX, which we believe will be of great benefit to our members,” stated André van der Heyden, Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, Belgian Canadian Business Chamber.

The BCBC is based in Toronto and works to foster contacts and relationships for members who share an interest in developing business and trade opportunities between Canada and Belgium. The aim of the BCBC is to raise awareness of Belgium in the economic and media capital of Canada. For additional information, visit www.belgiumconnect.com.

MTFX_Logo_2014_V1_REVISED“This partnership with the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber is an extension of our existing value proposition as a “one-stop-shop” for international payments and currency exchange services. This integrated service approach is unique in the payments industry,” said Arif Harji, Chief Market Strategist, MTFX. “We see ourselves as facilitators for our customers and partners with a blend of “high-touch” and “high-tech” solutions.”

Launched in 1996, MTFX is one of Canada’s oldest and largest non-bank providers of currency exchange services and international payment solutions. MTFX’s success has been driven by offering transparent and competitive currency exchange rates as well as global payment solutions that are unmatched in the industry. MTFX prides itself on outstanding service levels that are driven by great people and great technology. For additional information, visit https://mtfxgroup.com.

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FN Nov 24 2015
We’d like to thank all our members and friends for making this possible!
We donated $ 1,398  
to the Labbat Family Heart Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

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European Union Film Festival EUFF

EUFF 2016

EUFF is pleased to introduce its program for 2015!

 With 28 films from 28 European countries – including 2 North American premieres, 9 Canadian premieres and 13 Toronto premieres – EUFF 2015 will for sure keep its promises of amazement and entertainment.

Discover the full lineup and start planning your Festival visit by clicking here.

Remember, general admission to screenings is FREE, but if you ABSOLUTELY MADLY want to see a film, we have you covered. You can book your ticket in advance for $10. So cheap, right?

julie, November 17 – 29 at Canadian Stage


1888, Swedish playwright August Strindberg created an unprecedented scandal with the first production of his play, Miss Julie, a hallmark of naturalistic theatre. With scrutinizing detail, Strindberg tells the tale of two servants and their mistress as they grapple with the complexities of desire, ambition and inevitable loss. This is the story that has been adapted into one of the great chamber operas of the 21st century. Artistic & General Director Matthew Jocelyn directs this North American premiere of a work by Belgian composer Philippe Boesmans, recognized internationally as one of the greatest opera composers of our times.

Download Canadian Stage brochure here: 15.16 Canadian Stage Season Brochure – revised

Belgian Season 2015-16 @ Canadian Stage

As part of Canadian Stage’s 15.16 season we will be welcoming some of Belgium’s greatest contemporary theatre artists to present innovate, large-scale theatrical work on our stages. Click here: Canadian Stage – Belgian Season 15.16 for the flyer

For ticket and sponsorship information please contact Jason Maghanoy at jmaghanoy@canadianstage.com or 416 367 8243 x246.

For more information about Canadian Stage please visit canadianstage.com Continue reading

Canada’s international trade with focus on Belgium, the July 2015 statistics

Statistics Canada’s latest data shows that Canadian exports to Belgium, which amounted to $423  million in May and decreased to $114 million in June, decreased again to $93 million in July. Canadian imports from Belgium on the other hand, amounting to $168 million in May and up to $235 million in June, were up again in July, though slightly to $236 million. As we can see from this, our bilateral trade fluctuates a lot and it will be interesting to see how it will evolve in the months ahead. Continue reading