Board of Directors

Honorary Chair: H.E. Raoul Delcorde, Ambassador of Belgium to Canada

2018-2019 Board of Directors: 
–       President and Chief Executive Officer: vacant
–       Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer: André van der Heyden
–       Vice-President and EUCCAN Representative: Christian Frayssignes
–       Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer: Grégory Oleffe
–       Board Secretary: William Van Loo
–       Assistant Treasurer: Pierre Boutquin
–       Director of Membership & Sponsorship: Xavier Kleinermann
–       Director of Partnership Development: Michelle Willer
–       Director of Technology: Joel Mandelbaum
–       Events Director: Anne Popoff
–       Events Coordinator: Taïs Bangala
–       Director: Pasquale Madonna
–       Director: Xavier Van Overmeire

Non-voting Directors:
–       Past President: Dominiek Arnout
–       Executive Director: Idalia Obregón
–       Honorary Director: Gilles Brédas
–       Honorary Director: Patrick Deboeck
–       Honorary Director: Don Johnston (Legal Counsel)
–       Honorary Director: Frank Murari
–       Honorary Director: Mieke Pynnaert



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