Canada’s latest international trade statistics (November 2013)

Canada’s merchandise imports edged up 0.1% while exports were unchanged in November, bringing our trade deficit with the world from $908 million in October to $940 million.

Trade between Canada and Belgium

Concerning trade with Belgium, Canadian exports amounted to $200 million in September but went down to $152 million in October, then back up to $161 million in November.  Canadian imports from Belgium, on their side, amounted to $179 million in September, were up slightly at $180 million in October and up again to $190 million in November.  As we can see, our bilateral trade has ups and downs and it will be interesting to see its evolution in the months ahead. Continue reading

“Belgians In Canada”, Feb 12

Join us on Feb 12th for the sixth edition of our very successful “Belgians in Canada BIC” series.  Our keynote speakers are:

– François Magnée, General Manager, Puratos Canada Inc

– Carlos A.P. Chalico, Director Eastern Region, Ouest Business Solutions Inc

– Olivier Van der Elst, Senior SAP FICO Consultant, Ouest Business Solutions Inc

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