Wallonia – Belgium, a continuous success story

On Nov 12, 2013, our keynote speakers shared with us valuable information on why Wallonia is the place to go!

Because of its proximity to Brussels, capital of Europe, Wallonia is at the heart of one of the largest concentrations of wealth in the world. Belgium is among the top 10 destinations for foreign direct investment worldwide. With 6 multimodal logistics parks, 130 business parks, investment incentives up to 35% and a 2.58 Cushman & Wakefield score – everybody wants to go to Wallonia!! Continue reading

Canada’s international trade, October 2013 statistics

Canada’s merchandise imports declined 1.2% in October while exports decreased by 0.3%, moving our international trade balance from a $303 million deficit in September to a $75 million surplus in October.

Imports declined to $40.4 billion, with lower imports of energy products and motor vehicles and parts partially offset by higher imports of basic and industrial chemical, plastic and rubber products. Exports decreased to $40.5 billion, with vehicles, metal, mineral products, aircraft and transportation equipment declining, while farm, fishing, intermediate food products and consumer goods increased. Continue reading